1986 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur: Exquisite Legacy Unveiled

1986 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur: Exquisite Legacy Unveiled

Engine V8 Displacement 6750 cc | 411.9 cu in. | 6.8 LEngine Location FrontDrive Type RWD Weight 5000 lbs | 2267.962 kg Transmission 3-step automatic

The creation of the Silver Spur, a long-wheelbase variant of the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit, can be traced back to the early 1980s. Developed as a continuation of the Silver Shadow II, the Silver Spur maintained a strong familial resemblance to its predecessor. 

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The design of the model was overseen by Austrian designer Fritz Feller. Hand-built in the traditional Rolls-Royce fashion, the model featured several styling updates while retaining the Silver Shadow’s floor pan and unibody construction. The model showcased a lower waistline, a more angular appearance, and rectangular flush-mounted headlights reminiscent of Pininfarina’s Camargue coupe. The front grille, more comprehensive and squatter, inspired the Parthenon and added to the car’s updated aesthetics. 

The origins

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In 1980, the newly introduced Silver Spirit marked a new chapter in the company’s history. This luxurious vehicle shared the same opulence as the Spirit but featured an elongated wheelbase measuring 3162 mm. It was launched before 1998. While the initial generation of the car differed from the Spirit in terms of its hydraulic Girling suspension system, the majority of its exterior design and running gear remained nearly identical to the Silver Spirit. Interestingly, the generational numbering of both cars overlapped except for the final generation, which remained in production for an additional year compared to the Silver Spirit IV. Despite its high price, the Silver Spur enjoyed impressive sales, surpassing the Spirit with a total of 6240 units sold. Serving as the replacement for the Silver Shadow, the Silver Spur was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 1980, although its development had begun in 1972. The project faced delays due to the energy crisis, which hampered progress and postponed the official launch. Nevertheless, the result was a stylish and technologically advanced vehicle for its time. The new body design, although slightly heavier, offered a more spacious interior. Production of the first generation spanned from 1980 to 1989, with a total of 8129 sedans manufactured. This luxurious vehicle showcased significant improvements over its predecessor, including an enhanced V8 power unit, gearbox, suspension, high-pressure hydraulic system, and electrical equipment. Initially, the car was exclusively available in a sedan body style, with elongated limousines produced only upon specific orders. However, after the discontinuation of the Phantom VI, a new variant called the Touring Limousine, featuring a 610 mm extension, became available.

The 1986 model year

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The 1986 model year showcased several notable features and improvements compared to its predecessors. Under the hood, it housed a powerful and refined 6.75-liter aluminum V8 engine, which delivered ample power and smooth performance. Equipped with a Bosch fuel injection system, the engine provided improved fuel economy and reduced emissions, meeting the standards of the time. The transmission system was a three-speed automatic, offering seamless gear shifts and effortless cruising. Power disc brakes on all four corners ensured reliable stopping power, while the power rack-and-pinion steering system enabled precise and effortless maneuvering. Inside, the 1986 edition exuded opulence and elegance. The cabin featured lavish Connolly leather upholstery and exquisite burl walnut wood trim, exuding sophistication. Plush Wilton carpets added to the overall comfort and refinement. The rear seats, designed for utmost comfort, offered ample legroom and a separate seating arrangement, providing a serene and luxurious experience for passengers. On the outside, the 1986 Silver Spur maintained the timeless and classic appeal associated with Rolls-Royce. Its long-wheelbase configuration accentuated the elegant silhouette and provided enhanced legroom for rear passengers. The front fascia showcased the iconic Rolls-Royce grille, flanked by rectangular flush-mounted headlights, giving it a distinctive and commanding presence. Compared to previous model years, the 1986 version introduced various refinements and enhancements. The improved fuel injection system, utilizing Bosch technology, offered better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, in line with evolving environmental standards. Furthermore, advancements in ride and handling, possibly through suspension improvements or adjustments, provided a smoother and more comfortable driving experience, characteristic of Rolls-Royce luxury.

Did you know?

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The 1986 model year had made appearances in several films, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to the silver screen. The film list that featured the 1986 version included “Wall Street” (1987), “The Great Outdoors” (1988), and “License to Kill” (1989).

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1986 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur: Exquisite Legacy Unveiled

Engine V8 Displacement 6750 cc | 411.9 cu in. | 6.8 LEngine Location FrontDrive Type RWD Weight 5000 lbs | 2267.962 kg Transmission 3-step automatic

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