1979 Fiat 600 S: Italian Baby

1979 Fiat 600 S: Italian Baby

Engine 4-cylinderHorsepower 32 hpTorque 35 lb-ftEngine Location Rear-mountedDrive Type RWDWeight 1,433 lbsTransmission 4-speed manual

The Fiat 600 S captured the hearts of drivers and car enthusiasts alike. It symbolized Italy’s post-war recovery, a small and elegant vehicle that could easily navigate the narrow streets of crowded cities. 

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The Fiat 600 S was a tiny automobile that packed a big punch. With its quirky, rounded shape and peppy engine, it was the perfect vehicle for navigating narrow city streets or tearing up the open road. This iconic Italian vehicle had been a favorite of drivers and enthusiasts for decades, thanks to its unique design, nimble handling, and unmistakable personality. Despite its modest dimensions, it forever had been imprinted in the history of the global automotive industry.

The origins

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The Fiat 600 S was born out of a tumultuous time in Italian history. In the aftermath of World War II, Italy was struggling to rebuild its economy and create a new sense of national identity. It was in this context that Fiat, one of the country’s leading automakers, began working on a new car that would embody the spirit of post-war Italy. The project was led by Dante Giacosa, a legendary automotive designer who had already made a name for himself at the company. Giacosa was tasked with creating an automobile that was small, efficient, and affordable – something that could be mass-produced and sold to the average Italian family. Giacosa began working on the project in the late 1940s, and after several years of development, the Fiat 600 was born. It was an instant hit, with its compact size, fuel-efficient engine, and affordable price tag making it a favorite among Italian drivers. But the company wasn’t content to rest on its laurels. In 1962, it introduced the 600 S – a sportier, more powerful version of the popular vehicle. The novelty featured a larger engine, a modified suspension system, and a more aggressive body style that gave it a distinctively sporty look. The new car was an immediate success, with drivers flocking to dealerships to get their hands on one. It was the perfect car for navigating Italy’s narrow, crowded streets, but it also had enough power and agility to be a lot of fun to drive.

The 1979 model year

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The 1979  version saw several updates and changes from the previous year’s model. This iconic Italian vehicle had already won the hearts of drivers around the world, but the 1979 version took things to the next level with its improved performance and updated styling. Under the hood, the 1979 edition received a 4-cylinder engine that produced 32 horsepower and 35 lb-ft of torque. While this may not sound like much by today’s standards, it was more than enough to propel the lightweight automobile with ease. The engine was rear-mounted, which gave the vehicle better weight distribution and improved handling. On the exterior, the 1979 release had several subtle updates that helped to modernize its look. The automobile had a more streamlined front grille, updated bumpers, and sleeker headlights that gave it a more contemporary appearance. The overall effect was an automobile that looked both classic and modern at the same time – a perfect balance for a vehicle that had already achieved iconic status. Inside the car, the 1979 release was just as impressive. It had a simple, yet stylish interior that was comfortable and functional. The seats were supportive and well-cushioned, and the vehicle had plenty of head and legroom, despite its small size. The dashboard was updated as well, with new gauges and controls that were easier to read and operate. The 1979 Fiat 600 S had an upgraded suspension system which was a significant improvement from its previous version. Specifically, it featured a modified MacPherson strut front suspension that allowed for enhanced handling and stability while driving on the road.

Did you know?

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1979 edition of the model was manufactured in several different countries, including Italy, Spain, and Serbia. This was due to the popularity of the vehicle and the high demand for it in various regions around the world. The different manufacturing locations resulted in slight variations in its design and features, making each one a unique piece of automotive history.

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1979 Fiat 600 S: Italian Baby

Engine 4-cylinderHorsepower 32 hpTorque 35 lb-ftEngine Location Rear-mountedDrive Type RWDWeight 1,433 lbsTransmission 4-speed manual

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