1964 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III: The Royal one

1964 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III: The Royal one

Engine V8 Horsepower 200 BHP (147.2 KW)Engine Location FrontDrive Type RWDWeight 4700 lbs | 2131.884 kgTransmission 4-step automatic

The press did not skimp on the Silver Cloud’s praise, calling it “the most beautiful car ever built.” It was a conservatively beautiful automobile that became the basis of the style of the post-war Rolls-Royce models and one of the brand’s classics. It immediately attracted attention with its harmony and graceful streamlined lines.

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The third edition of Silver Cloud, produced 1962-1966, became lighter and more beautiful than previous generations. The iconic Mulliner-Park Ward “Chinese Eye” headlights didn’t immediately please everyone. Many brand fans believe that the low hood line and twin headlights spoil the third edition of this classic car. Nevertheless, this vehicle is one of the most beautiful Rolls-Royces ever. For many connoisseurs of classic cars, this 1965 model exemplifies the traditional quality and style of a legendary brand that became synonymous with aristocracy and the elitism of exclusive automobiles.

The origins

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The brilliant John Bletchley from the famous J. Gurney Nutting studio designed the body of Silver Cloud. He already had worked on the Bentley Mark VI, but in the case of RR’s new automobile, he undertook the design from scratch. Unfortunately, the company’s conservative management did not like the prototype, considering Bletchley’s vehicle too “American and fashionable.” Rolls-Royce, according to management, was about tradition, restrained classics, and English aristocracy. So, the designer had to design another, more conservative model. Bletchley’s new design was a significant improvement over the previous Silver Dawn. He convinced the company to abandon separate fenders and headlights, although the relief profile of the vehicle and the triangular hood still reminded the pre-war period RRs. The monumental front consisted of a chrome bumper, single-round headlights, and a vertical grille with a full-length figurine of the Spirit of Ecstasy reduced to a reasonable size. Traditionally, Pressed Steel Co. made the body of a standard sedan, but the hood, trunk lid, and doors were made from aluminum alloy and covered with 12 coats of paint. The press admired the new Silver Cloud and called it “the most beautiful automobile ever built.” Its conservative style immediately attracted attention with graceful streamlined lines and true British aristocracy.

The 1964 model year

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The 1964 edition was already the 3rd generation automobile, with twin round headlights installed between the slightly reduced grille and the angled bulges of the front fenders. The general public did not accept this design decision, as the brand’s conservative followers considered it a severe departure from the classic design. These twin headlights had even been jokingly compared to the music player installation in Winchester Cathedral. Later, all these folks had to accept such a decision: soon, all models of the company received these kinds of headlights. The running gear of the 1964 release was unchanged: the 6.2-liter V8 engine was fitted with larger SU carburetors and adapted to run on higher octane gasoline. This increased the vehicle’s power to the estimated 220 hp (RR never named the power of its car). The vehicle was reliable due to the durable 5-bearing crankshaft. The primary 4-door body was prepared by Pressed Steel Co., while Mulliner Park Ward was responsible for convertibles and coupes. The third-generation automobile sales were roughly the same as the previous ones – with 2,578 automobiles sold.  In 1966, Silver Shadow replaced Silver Cloud.

Did you know?

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Even the noble woody scent of Silver Cloud III was the standard of elegance. Recently, the company spent hundreds of thousands of pounds and conducted a thorough analysis. As a result, several hundred components of the classic SC III scent were found. Thus, the company created a composition of aromatic oils that recreates the authentic aroma of that “very” RR.” This composition processes the salons of all modern models.

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1964 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III: The Royal one

Engine V8 Horsepower 200 BHP (147.2 KW)Engine Location FrontDrive Type RWDWeight 4700 lbs | 2131.884 kgTransmission 4-step automatic

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