1962 Bentley S2 Continental: A Symbol of British Excellence

1962 Bentley S2 Continental: A Symbol of British Excellence

Engine V8 Horsepower 200 HP (147.2 KW)Engine Location Front Drive Type RWD Weight 4430 lbs | 2009.414 kg Transmission 4-speed automatic

The Bentley S2 Continental was not merely an automobile, but a masterpiece of engineering, design, and craftsmanship. It became a symbol of luxury and elegance, a vehicle that exuded class and sophistication.

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The S2 Continental was a masterpiece of design, with its streamlined and classic appearance that endured over time. The vehicle’s lengthy front, low stance, and graceful curves provided it with a sense of refinement and gracefulness that is still unmatched. Moreover, this remarkable classic vehicle was adored by car enthusiasts and collectors alike. Its ageless design, extraordinary performance, and unparalleled luxury solidified its position in the annals of automotive history as one of the most outstanding automobiles ever created.

The origins

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The luxurious Bentley S2 Continental was produced by the legendary British automaker from 1959 to 1962. The creation of this model involved several key individuals and events that shaped its history. The design of this beauty was overseen by J.P. Blatchley, who was the chief designer at Bentley at the time. Blatchley drew inspiration from the S1 Continental but made significant changes to the bodywork to create a more modern and streamlined look. The result was a car that was both elegant and powerful. The automobile receive a powerful 6.2-liter V8 engine that was capable of producing 200 horsepower. This engine was developed by Rolls-Royce, which owned Bentley at the time, becoming a significant improvement over the engine used in the previous version. Production of the automobile began in 1959 and lasted until 1962 during which a total of 388 automobiles left the plant.  The vast majority of these were built in the coachbuilding workshops of H.J. Mulliner, a well-known coachbuilder that had a long history of working with Bentley. The Bentley S2 Continental quickly became a favorite among the world’s elite. Notable owners included King Baudouin of Belgium, the Shah of Iran, and actress Elizabeth Taylor. Each owner customized their car to suit their tastes, resulting in a wide variety of unique and highly personalized vehicles. Today, the model is considered one of the most iconic luxury cars of the 1960s. Its sleek design, powerful engine, and luxurious interior continue to capture the imagination of enthusiasts around the world. The car’s legacy is a testament to the skill and dedication of the many individuals who played a role in its creation.

The 1962 model year

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1962 marked the end of an era for the British luxury automobile. This model year was the last to be produced, and it represented the pinnacle of Bentley’s engineering and design prowess. Under the hood, the 1962 version was powered by a 6.2-liter V8 engine that was capable of producing 200 horsepower. This engine was coupled with a four-speed automatic transmission that provided a smooth and comfortable driving experience. In addition to its powerful engine, the 1962 release boasted several other technical features that set it apart from its predecessors. For example, it was equipped with a servo-assisted braking system that provided excellent stopping power, even at high speeds. It also featured a self-leveling suspension system that ensured a smooth ride, no matter what the road conditions were like. The interior of the final version was a masterpiece of luxury and craftsmanship. The seats were upholstered in high-quality leather and featured intricate stitching and detailing. The dashboard and door panels were made of rich wood veneers, and the automobile was equipped with all of the latest amenities, including a radio, air conditioning, and power windows. The 1962 model of the vehicle was notable for its spaciousness, as it was designed to provide ample room for both passengers and the driver. This made it a popular choice for those who valued both comfort and style. Although the 1962 Bentley S2 Continental shared many technical and design features with its predecessors, there were some notable differences. For instance, a new radiator design was introduced that gave the car a more streamlined and modern appearance. Additionally, the bodywork was updated with more refined lines and a sleeker profile. Another notable difference between the 1962 release and the previous version was its handling. The 1962 edition was more responsive and nimble than earlier versions, making it easier to drive and maneuver in tight spaces.

Did you know?

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The 1962 edition was equipped with a specialized air conditioning system that utilized an evaporator unit mounted beneath the dashboard. This system was one of the first of its kind and was praised for its ability to maintain a consistent temperature within the cabin, even in hot and humid climates. The system was so effective that it was later adopted by other luxury automakers and became a standard feature in many high-end vehicles.

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1962 Bentley S2 Continental: A Symbol of British Excellence

Engine V8 Horsepower 200 HP (147.2 KW)Engine Location Front Drive Type RWD Weight 4430 lbs | 2009.414 kg Transmission 4-speed automatic

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