1960 Aston Martin DB4: The British Icon

1960 Aston Martin DB4: The British Icon

Engine Inline 6 Horsepower 314 BHP (231.104 KW) @ 6000 RPMTorque 278 Ft-Lbs (377 NM) @ 5000 RPMEngine Location Front Drive Type RWD Weight 2690 lbs | 1220.163 kg Transmission 4-step manual, 5-step manual

For more than 50 years, the Aston Martin DB4 was rightfully considered one of the most beautiful cars and a real icon of pop culture. Elegant design, rich history, and excellent driving performance made this incredible car a legend in the automotive industry.

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Known for its beautiful design and exceptional performance, the Aston Martin DB4 was a true classic. The automobile became an instant trendsetter, and its unique design was widely admired by car enthusiasts around the world. The model boasted some extremely innovative engineering, elegant style, and superb driving characteristics making the roadster a glorious representative of the British automotive industry.

The origins

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Debuted in 1958, the vehicle started the glorious era of the brand. Undoubtedly, it became the hallmark of the brand and a real star of both roads and screens. Elegant and comfortable for its time, it took these qualities to a new level, becoming a real authority, and the ultimate perfection of the Grand Touring class. DB4 appeared as a replacement for the no less glorious DB2/4 model. David Brown’s new model was nothing like its predecessor: it was a completely new vehicle with a new body style and engine. Brown’s company introduced the roadster at the 1958 London Motor Show. The public and the automotive press were delighted. Such positive feedback prompted the company to put the automobile into mass production as soon as possible.  Thus, the successful period began. The elegance of the model was inherited from the Italian bodywork. In addition to its design, Italians also worked on new technology to minimize weight. Craftsmen fastened the aluminum elements to the steel frame by hand but maintained the necessary rigidity. So the legendary term “Superleggera” – “superlight” was born. It was an innovative approach for those years. However, the technical part was still made in Britain, at a plant in Newport. The vehicle was equipped with an Inline 6 engine and a 4-speed manual transmission. This legend was produced until 1963, with a total of 1,040 standard coupes, 70 convertibles, and 95 GT modifications.

The 1960 model year

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The 1960 release was a lighter and more powerful version of the DB4, holding a special place in the history of the model. This was perhaps the fastest car in “Foggy Albion.” Tubular “skeleton” with aluminum body panels, 3.7-liter inline “six” with a capacity of over 300 hp allowed it to accelerate to 60 mph (96 km / h) in 6.1 s and squeeze out to 243 km/h. In a word – a real sports vehicle worthy of Bond himself. In 1960, the Aston Martin DB4 received another push towards sportiness. This mission was undertaken by the Italian company Zagato, which made super lightweight aluminum bodies. Designer Ercole Spada changed the look of the automobile and removed all unnecessary details, including bumpers. The body was made in the typical Zagato aerodynamic style with a streamlined roof and protruding rear fenders. The air intake on the hood was replaced with two bulges, and all glass and caps on the headlights were made of plastic. This new modification, called the DB4 GTZ, was shown at the London Motor Show in 1960. In 1960, 25 Zagato chassis were assembled, including 4 road cars. Interestingly, the roadster gained particular popularity in the 80s. It was then that collectors began to actively look for this rare model. They even paid over $1 million for this release. 

Did you know?

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In 1960, Aston Martin shipped the automobile to Italy to be coached by Bertone’s Giorgetto Giugiaro. The modified automobile was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. Constructed from steel, it was 90 kg heavier than the standard aluminum roadster and the Bertone design reminded Ferrari of the time. The car was privately owned for several years before being returned to Aston Martin for a complete makeover in 1986. This edition remains one of the most unusual Aston Martins.

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1960 Aston Martin DB4: The British Icon

Engine Inline 6 Horsepower 314 BHP (231.104 KW) @ 6000 RPMTorque 278 Ft-Lbs (377 NM) @ 5000 RPMEngine Location Front Drive Type RWD Weight 2690 lbs | 1220.163 kg Transmission 4-step manual, 5-step manual

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