1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom I: The Most Luxurious One

1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom I: The Most Luxurious One

Engine Straight 6 Horsepower 43 HP (31.648 KW)Engine Location Front Drive Type RWD Transmission 3-speed

The Phantom I was the first Rolls-Royce to be built with an aluminum chassis and bodywork, albeit a steel one was still available if desired. This move towards lighter materials helped to make the car more agile, and improved fuel economy in one swoop.

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The Phantom I was launched in 1925 and was the first Rolls-Royce with a chassis-mounted gearbox and front brakes. The new model was more powerful than the outgoing Silver Ghost, yet it retained the same basic engine design. It was a British luxury vehicle by Rolls Royce Ltd. and was produced for seven years between 1925 and 1932. Like all the cars by this glorious brand, the Phantom I was launched as chassis and finished in the luxurious coachbuilders to customers’ requirements. 

The origins

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The Phantom I succeеded to the Silver Ghost, which had been in production for nearly 20 years since 1906. Moreover, this was the first in a series of Phantoms from the legendary British automobile company. The British brand itself produced only the chassis and all the mechanical stuffing, and the customer could choose the body at his request from one of the many coachbuilding studios. This scheme was practiced until the 1950s. The “first” Phantom had a chassis from the Silver Ghost, a 7.7-liter six-cylinder engine, a three-speed manual transmission, and servo brakes on all wheels.  It was also one of the most beautiful car designs ever made in history. The Phantom I, also known as the Phantom One, was a vehicle released from 1929 to 1935. The completely new chassis was given an entirely traditional “coachbuilding” body with the most luxurious equipment available, making it one of the most expensive cars in production at that time. It was first announced on 10 May 1929 and produced until September 1935 with a total production run of 178 units. With its handcrafted coachwork, Rolls-Royce Phantom I set the standard for luxury motoring. Under its sumptuous hood was an engine that redefined motoring, resulting in exceptionally smooth acceleration and effortless performance on long journeys. The Rolls-Royce Phantom I was the first Rolls-Royce with a synchromesh gearbox. It was also the first Rolls-Royce with a chassis that was entirely separate from its body, which made the vehicle lighter and more rigid than previous cars.

The 1931 model year

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The first series Phantom was produced in both British Derby and American Springfield, Massachusetts. Depending on the place of its origin, the Phantoms differed. For example, the American assembly received a three-speed gearbox with the shift between centers and a wheelbase of 3721 mm, while the British one received a four-speed gearbox and a wheelbase of 3823 mm. The location of the fuel gauge also differed (on the American versions it was on the dashboard), while on the British versions, it was on the fuel tank. The bodies were made by famous coachbuilders – Zagato, Barker, Thrupp & Maberly, Mulliner, Park Ward, or Hooper for the British public and Brewster & Co for the American public. The 1931 model was equipped with an in-line six-cylinder engine, with pushrod overhead valves. The model also included two separate trios of cylinders connected with a volume of 7.7 liters. In 1931, the heads were already made of aluminum, in contrast to the iron heads of previous years. The braking system included four-wheel brakes, however, some American models had only rear brakes. The 1931 Phantom I was an automotive icon for a reason. Regardless of the coachbuilder, these premium cars were made from hand-selected wood and leather, representing a masterpiece of craftsmanship. This expensive car was more like a museum piece, not flashy, but with an aristocratic charm.

Did you know?

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The Great Depression had a very negative impact on the sale of the luxury model. In 1931, the American branch turned into a regular dealership, and two years later it closed altogether. 

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1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom I: The Most Luxurious One

Engine Straight 6 Horsepower 43 HP (31.648 KW)Engine Location Front Drive Type RWD Transmission 3-speed

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