1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur: Noble and Powerful

1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur: Noble and Powerful

Engine V8 Displacement 6750 cc | 411.9 cu in. | 6.8 LEngine Location FrontDrive Type RWDWeight 4900 lbs | 2222.603 kg Transmission 3-speed automatic GM Turbo Hydramatic

The Rolls-Royce Silver Spur was a chauffeur-driven model, positioned above the prestigious Silver Shadow. Its distinctive bodywork bore a striking resemblance to that of its predecessor but with updates like an improved engine, larger brakes, and a revised rear axle.

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The Rolls Royce Silver Spur was an elegant and comfortable automobile, which made traveling in style effortless. It became a perfect fit for the executive traveler, and the “Spirit of Ecstasy” on its hood emphasized the glorious style of this undisputed aristocrat. This four-door, five-passenger sedan was the first Rolls-Royce ever produced as a true luxury automobile, which included innovations like self-leveling air suspension and traction control. It was created to compete with rivals like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi, which were already selling sedans with luxury features at that time.  

The origins

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Launched in 1980, the Silver Spur was the long-wheelbase version of another remarkable model, the Silver Spirit. It was spacious, sharing the same floor plans and 6.25-liter V8 engine as its counterpart. New features included Girling automatic ride-height control and Bosch injection from 1986 onwards. The model also featured limousine versions as well. It was the combination of many years of development by Rolls-Royce in their quest to build a true luxury car that served a purpose. The Spur turned out to be a long and wide automobile, which had more room for passengers and their luggage. This lean car featured a perfect amount of power and grace. Moreover, this extended wheelbase model often was referred to as a ‘Rolls-Royce Diplomat.’ Receiving a 6.75L V8 engine with a driver airbag, anti-lock brakes and traction control system, leather interior, and a convertible roof, the stylish sedan enhanced its elegant appeal further while providing comfort while traveling. It debuted at the Paris Motor Show in 1980 and received positive feedback from the general public and the press. Despite its high cost, it became enormously popular and even outsold the legendary Silver Spirit with 6240 cars. The first generation was produced from 1980 to 1989. For the entire period of production (1980-1998), the British company produced 9165 Silver Spur.

The 1989 model year

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The 1989 model was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show as an updated version of the second Spur series. The car was equipped with an eight-cylinder overhead valve engine paired with a three-speed automatic transmission Turbo Hydra-Matic GM400 and disc brakes on all wheels. In addition, the model received a new, improved suspension with “Automatic Ride Control”: this was a fully automatic system with which shock absorbers were adjusted in real-time. Optionally, the car had a rear seat and an electric sunroof, curtains in the passenger compartment. The car also had ABS and fuel injection.  In 1989, changes to the interior and exterior were minimal. Only the steering wheel was changed (became smaller), and two additional air vents were also added. The interior of the Spur, like all models of the brand, was refined and expensive: a walnut veneer dashboard and expensive leather seats fascinated and sold the car a truly majestic look.

Did you know?

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The 1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur was the first production vehicle to feature a fully integrated computer system to monitor vehicle functions. It was controlled by a 16-bit microprocessor, which coordinated with the powertrain control module, transmission control module, and fuel injection system. A separate chassis computer was responsible for monitoring all aspects of the vehicle’s performance and handling.

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1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur: Noble and Powerful

Engine V8 Displacement 6750 cc | 411.9 cu in. | 6.8 LEngine Location FrontDrive Type RWDWeight 4900 lbs | 2222.603 kg Transmission 3-speed automatic GM Turbo Hydramatic

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