1985 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur: Vintage Elegance Revisited

1985 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur: Vintage Elegance Revisited

Engine V8 Horsepower 220 BHP (161.92 KW)Engine Location Front Drive Type RWD Weight 4900 lbs | 2222.603 kg Transmission 3-speed automatic

In 1980, the introduction of a new lineup, the Silver Spirit and Silver Spur brought about a completely redesigned exterior while mostly preserving the chassis platform from the Silver Shadow. One noteworthy change involved modifying the rear end to accommodate the recently introduced rear suspension, a feature that was in the Corniche and Camargue models in 1979.

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The Rolls-Royce Silver Spur was previously famous as “a highly expensive, prestigious car with an inordinate incidence of repair.” Moreover, in 1980, Rolls-Royce ushered in a new era with the introduction of the Silver Spirit, which marked the inception of a fresh generation of vehicles. Additionally, they produced a long-wheelbase version of the Silver Spirit. This Spirit model provided the foundation for other vehicle types, including the Flying Spur, Touring Limousine, Park Ward, and Silver Dawn. However, it’s important to note that the entire lineup was eventually replaced in 1998 by the BMW-powered Silver Seraph and the Bentley Arnage.

The origins

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In 1980, Rolls-Royce introduced the Silver Spirit, marking the beginning of a new era for the company. The vehicle offered the same level of luxury as the Spirit but came with an elongated wheelbase of 3162 mm. It appeared in the market before 1998. The initial generation of this model differed from the Spirit due to its hydraulic suspension system. Nevertheless, most of the vehicle’s exterior design and running gear remained almost identical to the Silver Spirit.

Furthermore, the generational numbering for both cars covered the same periods, except for the final generation, which remained on the market for an extra year compared to the Silver Spirit IV. Despite its high price, this luxurious model achieved impressive sales figures, surpassing the Spirit with a total of 6240 units sold. The company introduced this car as a replacement for the Silver Shadow, unveiling it at the Paris Motor Show in 1980, although the project had been in development since 1972. Delays caused by the energy crisis, which hindered progress and postponed the official presentation, were faced by the project. Nonetheless, the final result was a stylish and technologically advanced automobile for its time.

Moreover, the new body design was slightly heavier but provided a more spacious interior. The first generation was in production from 1980 to 1989, during which a total of 8129 sedans were manufactured. This expensive vehicle showcased notable improvements compared to its predecessor, including an enhanced V8 power unit, gearbox, suspension, high-pressure hydraulic system, and electrical equipment. In the beginning, the vehicle was exclusively available as a sedan. Only specific orders led to the production of elongated limousines. After the cessation of Phantom VI production, a new variation emerged – the Touring Limousine, extended by 610 mm.

The 1985 model year

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The 1985 model year brought several notable updates and improvements compared to its predecessor. Under the hood, the 1985 edition retained its powerful and refined V8 engine, offering smooth and effortless performance. The engine was paired with an advanced automatic transmission, ensuring seamless gear changes and optimal driving experience. With its exceptional engineering, the Silver Spur delivered a remarkable balance of power, comfort, and reliability. Inside the cabin, the 1985 version embraced opulence and comfort. Sumptuous leather upholstery adorned the seats, providing a luxurious seating experience. The attention to detail was evident in the exquisite wood veneer trim, meticulously crafted to enhance the interior ambiance. Passengers enjoyed ample legroom and headroom, creating a spacious and inviting atmosphere. Cutting-edge amenities, such as power windows, air conditioning, and a high-quality sound system, were included to cater to the discerning needs of occupants. The exterior design of the 1985 version exuded timeless elegance and sophistication. Its classic silhouette was characterized by sleek lines, a distinguished grille, and an iconic Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament. Chrome accents and meticulously crafted bodywork added to the vehicle’s visual appeal. The overall aesthetic embodied the renowned Rolls-Royce design language, combining grace and prestige. Compared to the previous model year, the 1985 edition incorporated refinements and enhancements to elevate the driving experience. These updates could include improvements in ride quality, suspension tuning, and handling dynamics. Rolls-Royce continually sought to refine its models, ensuring that each subsequent year offered incremental improvements over its predecessor. These enhancements aimed to further enhance the comfort, performance, and overall satisfaction of the discerning Silver Spur owners.

Did you know?

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To commemorate the centenary of the motor car in Great Britain and the production of the 100,000th Rolls-Royce, a limited edition series called the Silver Spur Centenary was created in 1985. This exclusive run consisted of 25 specially crafted models, serving as a tribute to this significant milestone in automotive history.

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1985 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur: Vintage Elegance Revisited

Engine V8 Horsepower 220 BHP (161.92 KW)Engine Location Front Drive Type RWD Weight 4900 lbs | 2222.603 kg Transmission 3-speed automatic

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