1973 Maserati Indy: Italian sports coupe

1973 Maserati Indy: Italian sports coupe

Engine V8 Horsepower 260 HP at 5500 rpmTorque 373 Nm at 3800 rpm Engine Location Front Drive Type RWD Weight 1670 kg | 3682 lbs Transmission 5-step manual

The first Maserati Indy appeared at the Geneva Motor Show in 1969 as a tribute to the two remarkable victories of the racing Maserati 8CTF, obtained in 1939 and 1940 at the Indianapolis circuit. This sports coupe was designed by Vignale to bridge the gap between Ghibli and Mexico models.

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The Indy project was a mixture of emotion and celebration: it was a tribute to the roots of the legendary brand. The new automobile received its name after the track where the brand’s cars once won 500 miles of racing. Serial production began in 1969 after the official launch at the Geneva Motor Show, which was very successful for the model. The style of the new sports coupe was very different from the already sensational Ghibli but no less impressive. The Indy was a cross between Mexico and the Ghibli and was conceived during an extremely positive period for Maserati, which set a sales record in its first year of production.

The origins

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Initially, the new sports coupe was designed as an analog of the Ghibli – accommodating four passengers, since this body type was especially well received by the public. Giovanni Michelotti from Vignale became the author of the unique Indy style. His sleek front end, with retractable headlights and wide windows, was especially admired. In addition to the spacious interior, low drag coefficient, and excellent handling, especially at high speeds, the aerodynamic fastback rear was also impressive. Thus, one of the most iconic vehicles of the Italian brand appeared, replacing Sebring and Quattroporte. Initially, two prototypes called  Indy and Simùn were introduced at the 1968 Turin Motor Show, but the first one was put into mass production,  debuting the following year at the Geneva Motor Show. The vehicle’s engine was a 4.9 liter V 8. In addition, Maserati borrowed Citroen’s hydraulic (much more powerful) braking system, and the air conditioning system was significantly improved compared to other models of the brand. The 4900 featured a handsome grille and a “more refined” dashboard. The most powerful version of the car had 320 hp and a top speed of 265 km/h (165 mph). By the way, Indy became the last model until the Maserati brand was acquired by the French Citroen.

The 1973 model year

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This four-seat sports vehicle received minor updates in 1973. Especially the release of 1973, was a real Italian rarity since only 1104 cars were built between 1969 and 1975. The engine for a standard 1973 release was 4700 ccs, with 290 horsepower compared to the 260hp engine of previous releases. However, in addition to the standard automobile, there was also a more powerful car (4900 cm3), which developed 320 hp. The 4700 ccs engine was paired with one of two types of transmissions – a five-speed manual, or three-speed automatic. It also had better performance and handling compared to the counterpart Ghibli model. In terms of dynamics, the 1973 automobile showed good results: 8.2 seconds to reach 100 km/h. The maximum speed of this sports coupe was 247 km/h. Maserati produced this automobile for seven years without significant changes to the body structure. It was one of the best-selling models of this type from the Italian brand. Everything was thought out to the smallest detail in the automobile’s interior. It combined elegance and sportiness, featuring deeper doors enveloping leather seats with a retractable headrest. The dashboard was completely redesigned compared to the first version: its shape was similar to modern amplifiers, present on both sides of the cabin, and in the center, there was a recess with two round air intakes. The glove compartment consisted of a small compartment with a handle. The center console featured a radio, as well as a heating system, and several manual controls, including power windows. An ashtray and a glove box complete with a lock were also included.

Did you know?

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Despite its short life, the Maserati Indy was featured in many remarkable movies. One of the last appearances of the legendary sport coupe of 1973 release was in Ridley Scott’s “The House of Gucci”, starring Lady Gaga (Patricia Reggiani), Adam Driver (Maurizio Gucci), Jared Leto (Paolo Gucci), Al Pacino (Aldo Gucci), Jeremy Irons ( Rodolfo Gucci), Salma Hayek (Pina Auriemma), Jack Huston (Domenico De Sole), Reeve Carney (Tom Ford), Camille Cotten (Paola Franchi).

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1973 Maserati Indy: Italian sports coupe

Engine V8 Horsepower 260 HP at 5500 rpmTorque 373 Nm at 3800 rpm Engine Location Front Drive Type RWD Weight 1670 kg | 3682 lbs Transmission 5-step manual

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