1967 Dodge Coronet: History of the legend

1967 Dodge Coronet: History of the legend

EngineV8Horsepower375 hp at 4600 rpmTorque651 Nm at 3200 rpmWeight3480 lbs | 1578.501 kgDrive TypeRWDEngine LocationLongitudinal frontTransmission3-speed automatic TorqueFlite

The second half of the 60s was truly the golden era of real muscle cars. During this period, the legends of the American car industry were born, such as the iconic Dodge Charger, Dodge Coronet, and Dodge Challenger, which formed the elite sports club “Scat Pack”.

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The iconic Coronet, which was one of the best Dodge models, was so popular in the USA that the company released as many as 8 generations of this model between 1949 and 1980. The machine had serious updates several times, which made it even more popular.

The Origin

The history of this model began in 1949. In the first four generations, the vehicle was representative of full-size vehicles of the brand. The first models were distinguished by an elongated design, which made the machine body round and ovoid. These machines were powered by a 230 cubic inch inline six-cylinder flathead engine and produced about 103 hp. In the first generation, the model also received a limousine body with four doors and the ability to accommodate up to eight passengers.

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The first major change took place in 1953 when the design of the machine was completely changed. It had become more streamlined with a few more facets. The 241 cubic inches Hemi V8 “Red Ram” engine was also introduced. It was able to set over 100 records when driven in the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The model received updates a few years later, such as the 315 cubic inches Hemi V8 in the 1956 model and the 354 cubic inches Hemi V8 in the 1957 model. The stunning history of this vehicle came to an end in 1959 when the company decided to focus on new models such as the Matador, Polara, and three Dart models. However, this did not last long, and already in 1965, the production of the model was resumed. The new, resurrected model was nothing like previous versions, but a mid-range model with a sleek body that made it look more like a muscle car – a popular car class in the late 60s. A year later, the manufacturer produced the model with two different engines, a 440 cubic-inch V8 and a 425 cubic-inch V8.

1967 model year

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The updated model immediately caught the customers’ attention and quickly conquered the market. From the very beginning of sales, the car was available with all powertrains from the Chrysler engine line: from the 3.7-liter 225 Slant-6 I6 to the powerful 426 Hemi V8 (7 liters, 415 hp). In 1967, a special modification of the model –  R/T appeared, which was offered in the form of a convertible and hardtop coupe with Chrysler’s largest engine of a 440 V8 with 380 hp (280 kW), dubbed “Magnum”. The only additional engine was the Hemi 426, which was in its second year in “street” configuration and again had an output of 431 hp (317 kW). It was available for an extra $908. The transmission was provided by either a superb three-speed Mopar TorqueFlite automatic or a four-speed manual. Starting from 1967, Chrysler decided that the Hemi should only be available in their muscle cars, the Dodge Charger, Coronet R/T, and Plymouth Belvedere GTX. 

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The best engine option for the rest of the model line became the 383 4-cylinder V8. Despite this, 1967 Hemi-powered Coronet Deluxe sedans were produced. There was also a 1967 two-door Coronet 440 hardtop and a 1967 two-door Hemi hardtop Coronet 500 that are not among the 55 Super Stock WO23 vehicles produced for Dodge racers. However, since 1967, the Hemi engine in a new version with a capacity of 425 hp was only available for R/T modification. The base for the Coronet R/T was the 440 V8 Magnum block (7.2 liters, 375 hp) and only a few versions were equipped with 440 V8 Six-Pack (390 hp) and 426 Hemi. Acceleration to hundreds of the 375-horsepower version was declared at around 6.6 seconds, top speed – 196 km/h. Many classic car collectors think that the most interesting design of the model was in 1967 – at that moment the Dodge machine factory was almost completely reorganized. With the introduction of the Dodge Coronet R/T 440 Magnum version with a 375 horsepower engine, the automatic transmission became the main one for the model. There was no longer a mechanical gearbox in any of the trim levels.

Did you know?

As a representative of an equally vibrant era of muscle cars and political events, the 1967 model found its way into the 2013 romantic drama Love and Honor directed by Danny Mooney, featuring Liam Hemsworth, Austin Stowell, and Teresa Palmer. The action of the film, based on a true story, revolves around lovers who were separated by the Vietnam War.

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1967 Dodge Coronet: History of the legend

EngineV8Horsepower375 hp at 4600 rpmTorque651 Nm at 3200 rpmWeight3480 lbs | 1578.501 kgDrive TypeRWDEngine LocationLongitudinal frontTransmission3-speed automatic TorqueFlite

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