1956 Ford F100: America’s Best Pickup

1956 Ford F100: America’s Best Pickup

Engine3.6 223 Six (139 hp)Horsepower167 Hp @ 4400 rpmTorque281 Nm 1800-2700 rpmWeight3,250 lb | 1,475 kgDrive TypeRear wheel driveEngine LocationFront, LongitudinalTransmission3-speed manual

Pickup trucks have a special place in the United States auto culture. Americans love these cars with all their heart and use them widely. All major American automakers produce these cars, and in a wide variety of modifications. But in the eyes of many, the undisputed leader among them is the legendary Ford F100 model.

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History knows no subjunctive moods. But if the success of Henry Ford would not happen, the world would never see F-series cars. One can talk a lot about pickups, particularly the Ford brand, because statistically, this classic, with a V8 engine car is the most popular car of their class in the US and Canada. Holding primacy for over 40 years, the model itself goes deep into history, in the post-war years. Being created to boost the country’s economy, the F-series became part of history and was cherished by many generations. The very American design was pleasing to the eye and faithfully worked at home and in production, serving millions of people, accomplishing its labor feat.

“Million-Dollar Cab”

The first 1948 F100

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The famous 1956 model is a prominent representative of the second generation model F. The very first generation appeared back in 1947 when the Ford Motor Company introduced its F-series light trucks.  For the first F100s, the truck chassis was specifically designed. In total, the line included eight vehicles from pickup trucks with a payload capacity of 500-750 kg to full-fledged commercial trucks with a payload capacity of 1.5 to 3 tons. For the F-series, a new cab was developed which was unified throughout the entire model range. In general, the company spent $1 million on the development of the cabin and the equipment, aptly earning the nickname “Million-Dollar Cab”. 

Thus, Ford managed to create a truck that was not ashamed to be used both as a working and personal car. So the philosophy of the American pickup gradually began to take shape.

“Big Window” 1956 F100

The second generation of the F-series, released in 1952, was an evolutionary development of the first. Based on marketing considerations, all cars have changed their names. So the F-1 became known as the F-100, the F-2 and F-3 merged into the F-250, and the F-4 became the F-350, and so on. By the way, the three-digit indexing has been preserved to this day.

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Technically, these cars have not changed much. From 1954, instead of the Flathead V8 and L6, more modern overhead-valve engines of the same type were installed, and in the release of 1956, an amplifier was introduced into the brake system. At the same time, the inline-six produced 115 hp and the 4-liter V8 130 hp respectively. In addition, a two-speed automatic transmission, as well as power steering, became available as an option. Externally, cars had changed more. The plumage, as well as the hood, became more rounded, and the front cladding, following the spirit of the times, received a massive fake radiator grille. While installing an 8-cylinder engine, the V8 badge was proudly flaunted on it. Visibility was even better thanks to the panoramic windshield. There were no special changes in the cabin, the three-seat sofa got an adjustment. The 1956 Model also featured seat belts. In the same year, a new enlarged panoramic windshield and rear windows began to be installed on the F-100. Such machines were called “Big Window”, becoming the most sought-after model for avid collectors. In 1956, the Y-block V8 increased to 4.5 liters. (V8 272) and produced 173 hp. The 110″ (2794 mm) wheelbase chassis shared its design with Ford passenger cars, but still featured leaf spring-dependent suspension front and rear. The 1953-1956 F-100s were one of the best pickup trucks of their time and are today With a state-of-the-art, million-dollar cabin design and a ten-year warranty, the F-series quickly became a bestseller and has held the number one spot in the United States ever since.

Did you know?

Chasing scene from “Last Action Hero”, 1993

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When you look at this car, you immediately think of the 1993 action movie “Last Action Hero” starring the incredible Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the movie, the gangsters chase Jack Slater (Arnold Schwarzenegger)  riding a custom cherry red 1956 F100. Yes, yes, this handsome red car played a role in many films and was remembered for its power and brutality as a very typical American car.

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1956 Ford F100: America’s Best Pickup

Engine3.6 223 Six (139 hp)Horsepower167 Hp @ 4400 rpmTorque281 Nm 1800-2700 rpmWeight3,250 lb | 1,475 kgDrive TypeRear wheel driveEngine LocationFront, LongitudinalTransmission3-speed manual

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