1955 Ford F100: The most desirable vintage truck

1955 Ford F100: The most desirable vintage truck

Engine V8Horsepower 285 BHP (209.76 KW) @ 3000 RPMEngine Location Front Drive Type RWDWeight 45000 lbs | 20411.657 kgTransmission 3-step manual

When, back in 1948, Ford Motor Co. introduced the F-1 pickup truck, the story of the most popular vehicles in the world began. The famous F-series trucks had even outstripped the German Volkswagen Beetle! Today, more than 33 million trucks from this large family are on the roads.

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The Ford F100 is one of the undisputed leaders in the popular American pickup truck segment. In many ways, it had become a benchmark for this vehicle class, setting the quality narrative for several decades. Not surprisingly, all other pickups were designed with an eye on it. However, this “monster” always managed to keep the championship, making the competition difficult. The F100 is rightly called “America’s premier pickup truck” and belongs to a series of full-size pickups produced by Ford Motor Company for over seventy years.

The origins

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Post-war realities dictated their own rules, and one after another, American automakers began to produce inexpensive, reliable, and roomy pickup trucks for transporting small loads. Many companies had simply updated their old truck models, as did Chevrolet with its Advance Design pickup trucks in 1947. A year later, Blue Oval responded with its F-1 truck, which eventually became the ancestor of the insanely popular F-Series. These automobiles were unique as, since 1948, they became an independent series (before 1948, they were built on the company’s other models platforms). So, in 1948, the first post-war F series trucks appeared. The first generation had several types, depending on the load capacity (from 0.5 to 2.0 tons). The series also included versions of vans and even school buses. The F-1 offered several engine options – 6 to 8-cylinder V-shaped engines with power from 95 to 145 hp and three or 4-speed manual gearboxes. The series stood out for its comfortable interiors and good visibility. The first serious restyling of the model took place in 1951. As a result, the F-1 received a new radiator lining and increased the area of ​​cabin glazing. In 1952, overhead valve models appeared.

The second generation was released already in 1953: the vehicles changed the lining every year, as was customary in those years in the United States. In 1953, the company also changed the digital indexing of models from 1-digit to 3-digit. So, the successor to the F-1 became the thoughtfully updated F-100. The company’s engineers increased the wheelbase and lengthened the springs. The cabin became more spacious, comfortable, and driver-friendly. The vehicle got curved windshields and enlarged rear windows, and the dashboard became more ergonomic and easy to manage. In addition, it was possible to install an automatic transmission and power steering. The second generation lasted until 1957. Today, the 13th generation of these incomparable automobiles is still on the wheels.

The 1955 model year

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The second generation, including the 1955 release, was remembered for its more streamlined and modern look and Y-Block V8 that replaced the flathead engine. The main update of the car was its appearance: in technical terms, pickups mostly stayed the same compared to the 1954 release. An amplifier was introduced into the braking system. As an option, a two-speed automatic transmission and power steering became available. For the most part, the 1955 automobile retained the primary styling cues of the 1954 model. A more modern cab with a lower waistline and car-like push-button door handles was upgraded for that year. The car’s hood became more rounded, and the front cladding received a massive false radiator grille. Visibility had been improved with a panoramic windshield. A V8 badge had also been placed into the grille. In the cabin, there were no notable changes. 1955 also featured breathable plastic upholstery, “Counter Shock” seat dampers, and “no sag” springs – even the seat back and cushion adjusted independently.

Did you know?

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A custom 1955 Ford F100 is one of the most recognizable cars from Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables (2010) film. West Coast Customs built three customized Ford F100s to shoot The Expendables. One appeared in stunt scenes, the other for green screen filming. The third vehicle was a personal vehicle for Sylvester Stallone. Sly played Barney Ross – a car specialist and the head of the Expendables mercenary squad. Later, one of those automobiles went from the Barrett-Jackson auction for $132,000. 

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1955 Ford F100: The most desirable vintage truck

Engine V8Horsepower 285 BHP (209.76 KW) @ 3000 RPMEngine Location Front Drive Type RWDWeight 45000 lbs | 20411.657 kgTransmission 3-step manual

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